Company Profile

MSK was officially established in March 2006, specializing in timber business and mainly concentrating in wood working machinery (period of 2006 - 2008) in Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Our main products are window panels and door panels which are being exported to overseas countries such as Japan, France, China and South Africa. The bulk of our export was shipped to Japan (70%) and France (25%).

Since 2008, MSK had shifted their focus of business into coal & minerals mining as the global coal market demand has risen significantly. Our targeted areasare Kalimantan and Sumaterawhich have huge potential deposits of sub-bituminous and bituminous coal. Thus, MSK had started to be more involved in the mining sector and began to developand expand aggressively in their coal mining division. Since 2010, MSK has obtained High Calorific Value Coal (High CV) resources exclusive area located at Kutai Kartanegara district in East Kalimantan. In October 2010, MSK had also obtained High Calorific Value Coal resources exclusive area with Joint Operation scheme at Bengkulu in Sumatera.

In 2011, MSK had started coal exploration at Bengkulu Job Site which first block was around +/-800 Hectares with estimate resources around 3 Million Tonnes. The infrastructure began in January 2012 and production started end of February 2012 with production capacity targeted at 100.000 – 150.000 Metric Tonnes the first year (2012). The initial product was named MSK65 and was targeted to supply domestic and overseas market.

Operation Area

MSK job site CBS is located at Taba Penanjung and Pagar Jati Area, Central Bengkulu District in Sumatera.

MSK started its exploration in December 2011, the first block to be developed was around 30 Hectares, located at Lubuk Unen Village, and was named Pit KUD and Pit Miranco.

Next Pit block to be developed is Pit Tik Manyan with extensive area around 30-80 Hectares, where the pit location is about 500 meters to the north / north east from the current block. The construction stage started from November 2011, and the exploitation stage started in February 2012. Our current capacity is about 20.000 MT per month. In 2012, MSK directed its production to 150.000 MT and will increase to 300.000 - 500.000 MT in the year of 2013.


MSK was officially established in March 2006

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To become Indonesia's top and strong leading coal company

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To produce Indonesia's vast natural resources

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MSK is also committed to grow in harmony with the community

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